GoCardless logo


What is it?

GoCardless is the quickest and easiest way to take one-off and recurring payments online. It’s a great payment system and works by processing payments using the British and European Direct Debit systems. Since they set up in 2011, they have focussed on simplifying Direct Debit and opening up access to companies who could never previously use it.

Low Cost Pricing

Furthermore, it is much cheaper than PayPal; GoCardless charges only 1% commission on each transaction (capped at £2). There are no set-up fees. It is a great system for creating one-off payments and recurring payment plans.

Who Uses It?

It is used by thousands of happy customers, from individuals and clubs to multi-national corporations and governments. In fact, their customers include The Guardian newspaper and the UK Government. Every year they process over $1 billion of transactions!

Outerbridge and GoCardless

We at Outerbridge have worked with GoCardless for several years now. In fact, we released the original plugin, integrating with their system in 2012. So we are proud of our close and constructive working relationship with them.

Our WordPress plugin enables you to easily integrate the GoCardless payment processing system with your WordPress website. Please explore the various pages on this website to see it in action on a WordPress site.