Denmark and Sweden direct debits added to GoCardless WordPress plugin

We are pleased to announce that our GoCardless plugin for WordPress now supports the collection of direct debits from the direct debit systems in Sweden and Denmark. So you can now take payments on your website via the Danish Direct Debit system using GoCardless.

Our plugin enables you to easily integrate the GoCardless payment system with your WordPress website. It’s available exclusively via CodeCanyon.

GoCardless provides easy access to Europe’s largest Direct Debit schemes. As a result, businesses can collect recurring payments across 23 different countries. Direct Debit is the leading payment method for recurring transactions across Europe. From utility bills to online subscriptions. It gives businesses a quick, easy and cost-effective way of collecting payment.

After launching in Australia in May, GoCardless have turned their attention to Scandinavia. Consequently, customers in Europe or Australia can now take Krone-denominated payments from Danish customers.

It brings the total number of direct debit systems supported to 5. What’s more, the total number of countries now covered is 23.

GoCardless users can now collect payments via the following systems:

Denmark (Betalingsservice)
Sweden (Autogiro)
Eurozone (SEPA)
UK (Bacs)
Australia (BECS)

GoCardless have also announced that they will be rolling out to the following 4 new direct debit services soon:

Norway (AvtaleGiro)
Canada (PAD)
New Zealand (PaymentsNZ)
US (ACH Debit)

GoCardless are doing a great job of helping companies who operate internationally to take bank to bank payments. Fundamentally, their mission is to facilitate payments from anyone, anywhere in the world, in any currency. To find out more, visit the GoCardless website.

Sign up for GoCardless via this link and you will be sent a £30 Amazon voucher after you’ve taken your 5th payment!

For easy integration between GoCardless and WordPress; our GoCardless for WordPress plugin is the only WordPress plugin for GoCardless.

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