Roman Numerals WordPress plugin Demo

Roman numerals are still used today.

Many people are surprised that we wrote a Roman Numerals plugin, believing that the internet and roman numerals just do not go together. In fact, there are many uses for our plugin and here are a few examples:

  • Roman numerals are still used in almost all cases for the copyright date on films, television programmes, and videos – for example MCMLXXXVIII for 1989. You can see an example of the current copyright date written in this way on the web at the BBC site, currently of course MMV.
  • Roman numerals are often used to show the hours on analogue clocks and watches.
  • Some companies use roman numerals to denote releases of their products. For example, Intel, the computer chip maker, called the version of its Pentium processor launched in May 1997 the Pentium II. The next version was Pentium III.
  • Roman numerals are often used for the initial pages of book. These numerals normally use lower case letters i.e. pages i, ii, iii and so on.
  • Sporting events are often numbered using Roman numerals. The 2012 Games in London were the XXX Olympiad.
  • In the USA the American football championship is called the SuperBowl and they are numbered with Roman numerals.
  • Kings and Queens are usually numbered in Roman numerals – eg King Henry VIII of England, Louis XIV of France etc.. Popes are also numbered using Roman numerals e.g. Benedict XVI.

There are numerous other uses, but these give a flavour of why people find our plugin useful.

This page shows how the shortcodes for the Roman Numerals WordPress plugin works:

will convert 2013 into Roman numerals, as follows: MMXIII

will convert MMXIII into a number, as follows: 2013

For dates, the shortcode XXVIII/XI/MMXV will return the Roman numeral version of the date in the format you request (i.e. UK, US, YMD, Y only). In this case we are using UK format: XXXI/XII/MMXIII

If no date is provided, it will return today’s date, e.g.: XXVIII/XI/MMXV will return XXVIII/XI/MMXV today.

You can also use the widget to right in your sidebar, and there is an object-based tool available for more experienced developers.