Payment Test Page

This test page demonstrates how the Outerbridge GoCardless WordPress Plugin works.

Feel free to try out the link in the box below. It’s set to sandbox, i.e. test mode, which means you won’t be charged and you can follow the transaction through to the receipt page.

Pay with GoCardless


Our user details have been set up in the admin section of the plugin. It’s really simple to do – you just copy and paste the relevant details from your GoCardless account and then set up the type of payment you want to use.

Whilst you’re in your GoCardless account, check that your redirect location is correct – this is the location that a user sees after a successful payment has been made. In our case it’s the receipt page.

Then you just put the “obr_gocardless_link” shortcode on your site’s payment page and it will automatically create the payment link for you. You can create an infinite number of payment options (e.g. one-off payments, scheduled payments, pre-authorized payments, set-up fees). Each of these payment options will have an unique reference number in the admin area. In this case we are using the second payment option that we have set up. It is a one-off payment for £1 so we need to let the shortcode know which payment we want. We want “obr_gocardless_link number=2” which produces the link in the box above.

You then just need to put the “obr_gocardless_confirm” shortcode on the receipt page and you’re all set.


This plugin is available for purchase only at CodeCanyon.

2 thoughts on “Payment Test Page

  1. As a keen advocate of GoCardless I was pleased to stumble across a reference to your plugin. Also surprised that you are a relatively short distance from my business base in Cornwall. Can you advise if there is a facility within the plugin to set up pre-authorisations?

    1. I know Mike replied offline to this comment, but others may be interested to know that the GoCardless plugin now supports pre-authorisations

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